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With over 15 years of experience in human resources positions, Ernest Lee Sullivan is currently vice president, manager of executive selection and employment at Bank One in Columbus, Ohio. His overall experience includes management positions in employment, employee relations and labor relations, both in banking and manufacturing.

Currently, Sullivan is a member of the Business Advisory Board at Central State University, a member of the Kingsmen, a business adviser for the United Negro College Fund, and a participant in the SIMBA program with Franklin County Children's Services.

His additional community activites include the Columbus Area Leadership Program and the YMCA's Black Achievers Program.

Ernest L. Sullivan, 39, has already developed a no-fail recipe for success. "I've put into practice what I've learned over the years," he explains. "That is to align yourself with a career that matches your interest and values."

His interest happens to be banking and he has spent 15 years at Banc One in Columbus, Ohio, where he is currently vice president/manager of executive selection and employment.

"If you enjoy the company you're with, don't be too hasty in changing jobs. Be patient in your career development. And devise some appropriate budgeting goals. Finally, learn to save for your future."

He also applies his definition of success to his community and personal involvement. "My activities are geared toward assisting youth," he says, "because mentoring is so important. There can never be enough black professionals involved in youth development."

On the personal side of the success quotient, he is looking for a woman who is "sincere, loyal, adaptable and intelligent." He would like someone who can appreciate his adventurous side, since he loves to travel on the spur of the moment and participate in a variety of sports. And she would be an athletic, outdoors person who would have just as much fun spending time in a quiet, secluded woods as dining in a fine restaurant.

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